The 10th VDMA Dubai-Meeting will be held November 25. It is addressing representatives of VDMA-members in the Middle East. Among the speakers are the CEOs from the AHKs in Dubai, Riad, Cairo and Teheran.
On November 7 we are holding an event on Egypt in Frankfurt. In focus are big projects in Egypt that are offering opportunities for SMEs, too. We are also going to discuss market approach and business experiences and there will be a short presentation of legal framework.
7th VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit will be held on 28th September, 2018 (Friday) at Hotel Conrad in Pune
German Office in Iraq together with some companies is organizing a German Pavilion at Bagdad International Fair. The exhibition is held Nov. 10-19. Deadline for registration is July 31.
Due to current mailings we want to move your attention to mailings, appearing to update exhibitor-data on organizers' webpages. In the fineprint are some surprisingly high fees.
An official German Pavilion will be organized for WETEX, the leading exhibition for water and wastewater technology as well as for energy supply in Middle East, October 23-25. Deadline for registration is July 20.
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Stephanie Blass
Stephanie Blass
Assistentin des Abteilungsleiters Außenwirtschaft
(+49 69) 66 03-14 42
(+49 69) 66 03-24 42
Christine Döhler
Christine Döhler
Teamassistentin, Messen und Symposien, Messekalender
(+49 69) 66 03-14 36
(+49 69) 66 03-24 36